Karin's comments regarding step 1

We started off the project by playing the old game of heads or tail about who was going
to get the first two weeks to start the project.

I got to start, and David had to wait patiently for another two weeks until he could start
his creative process. I got some keywords and phrases of inspiration from David which
where; moduls, wires and small units turning into large compositions and the word random.

My sketching began with the keywords in mind. I started off with lines and forms to see
what kind of new units would occur. In the beginning my mind was set on 2D sketching
that later became 3D after making different compositions.

I felt good about the structure that started to build up, and the forms felt interesting in
the way they connected with each other. I used the word random with the plain boxes
and I didn't know how it would turn out but it lead me into som interesting shapes.


I send my work over to David, curious about how he would interprete them. I would have
to wait for two weeks to find out.