Karin's comments regarding step 2

First of all it's very exciting to recieve Davids music sketches, to see the work continue
and develop in another shape than the visual. We have discussed and planned the
project in theory and now it's for real in practise and it's developing almost by itself.

I started off by listening to all of the material that I recieved a couple of times, and
selected some sounds that stuck in my mind. There was a sound from the keyed
fiddle(nyckelharpa) which I liked a lot – a sharp and quite hard sound, and melodic
tunes where I just couldn't stop thinking of the Swedish nature, with the bare rocks,
birches and folkdance. I didn't want that image but couldn't stop it from popping up.
I decided I wanted to reach beyond my own perception.

I wanted to mix the sharp and the soft sounds in the form I was thinking of. The
easiest way of experimenting with the forms at this stage was to turn it into 3D sketch

I mixed the chaotic with the plain and simple. I followed the sounds in the soft tunes
with a thin sketch wire turning it into 3D. While I was working I also thought of
materials like thick wool and metal, light and dark, contrasts.


While finishing up, I was satisfied that I had been able to sketch up the forms I heard
in the music. I sent my work over to David.