Karin's comments regarding step 3

I listened through the three music sketches that I recieved from David.

Before I started to work this time I knew I wanted to dissolve the 3D models/ working
method that I had created from Step2. The previous work was necessary at stage 2,
but would be to precise and stop my work in Step3. In Step2 I also had separated the
sharp sound as one form, and the soft as another. This time I wanted the sounds and
forms to somehow be woven together as one unit.

I found out that it is important to listen to the music a lot so that the sketching feeds
off the notes rather than my own previous visual work.

For Step3 I chose to continue with one shape that had a strong connection with the
music in Step2. I wanted to break down and dissicate the form to turn it into a shape
that felt more complete and together.

What would I get from the different lines in the sketch (first image in Step3) if I were
to break up the form into units within the excisting grid? I started to look at the shapes
and how they could develop. I listened to the music again and wanted to get the softer
and longer notes into the form. I made as many combinations that I could think of with
the symmetri that I liked. I ended up with different patterns and I knew I was on the right


I finished working and sent it off to David.