Karin's comments regarding step 4

Every time, I'm excited when I recieve the music, to hear the visual sketches turned
into sounds.

I'm more into the straight and sharp forms at the moment, those shapes reflects the
music for me but I would like to mix it up with some softer elements within the same
object .
I listened through the three pieces of music, and the second piece with the keyed fiddle
(nyckelharpa) got stuck in my mind. It reminded me of an old wood light with thin curly
stripes of wood, formed into a tight pattern where the light shined through. They used to
hang in the old holiday cottages in Sweden up north. Often all the interior used to be
made out of pine (alot of them still are).

At this stage I just wanted to see what I could do with a similar shape which is the result
of the three last design sketches in the thumbnails. Interesting shapes but not really
what I was after, didn't quite know what to do with them.

I returned to the path that I entered earlier in step3.
I choose the sketch from step 3 that I prefered (which represented the music from step3
part 3) and continued to break it down. I developed the sketch into a form that I made a
solid model out of, just to see what it would be like in 3D. It looked interesting, but 'solid'
so I continued the sketching in 2D and worked at it more as a graphic design.

Finished and sent it over to David.