I'm mixing the recordings I made with Andreas and Peter last week. I'm listening through each track, with the clicktrack on, and cutting away the bars that are out of sync. The cut-up parts gets different colours, depending on style, so that I can insert them anywhere they fit in the final mix. I'm actually quite brutal in cutting away bars, and I feel I have to be. I'm working on part 1 first. I'd like a fresh rimshot through the whole upbeat part of the song; building the beat up just after the nyckelharpa finishes. I'll let the cajun be the backbone of the rythm section, so I have to amplify it a bit. The cymbal will play the role as an effect. I think it gets too crowded else. I think I've completed the rimshot-track, at last. I'm a bit worried that the cajun-track is too unclear. No, it sounds fine. Made a preliminary final mix and stopped for today. ... Thomas recorded the guitartrack of the first tune. Very nice. ... So, I'll make a final mix of track no. 1. First, I'm listening through every instrument to make sure that the sound is OK. Muted the gaps in the guitar's licks. Muted the bass in the first half of the bridge, which makes it more powerful when it comes in later. Muted the gaps on the rimshot track. Mixed it all down at let it rest. ... I made an adjustment of the organ's volume in part 3. Now it really is all about details. So, in my opinion, that's a sign that I'm beginning to go to far. Let's finish it all. The only thing left now is the interlude. I shortened the almost silent part in the middle and mixed the track down. Finally, the music is complete.