Translation of the interview in the
newspaper Svenska Dagbladet 040905:


Hello there!
The Designer Karin Gullbrantz who together
with the musician David Stiernholm
runs the project Puie Dsch, where they
interweave furnituredesign and music.

What can music give
to a piece of furniture?

-We are trying to find new ways
to separate from the conventional.
It's common that musicians
collaborate or designers work in groups.
But it is unusal to work interdisciplinary
across the borders. We would like to
integrate one artform to the other.

How does that work?
-For two weeks I create sketches that
I send over to David, he in turn composes
music based on my sketches and sends
it back to me as further inspiration in the
work. The process continues in six stages
whereby we have a finished piece of
furniture and a music composition.

What will it be in the end?
-It can be a chair or a bench, it's not quite
decided yet, but it will be something that
you can use. Later on there might be more
objects in future projects. We hope to
continue with this.

Are you meant to sit in the chair and
listen to the music at he same time?

- Yes, that could be one option. When we
present the chair in November it will be
placed next to David while he presents
the music.